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Our laboratory works to get health care professionals test results in a timely manner. To learn more about specific test information, including submitting samples and turnaround times, please visit the test information page for the organism or disease.

COVID-19 Personal Test Results

If you have questions about your results, or your results are not available online, please contact the location where you were tested or your health care provider. Results can take up to 4 days.

If you are having technical difficulties with the online portal, contact Ontario Health. Public Health Ontario (PHO) is not able to troubleshoot technical difficulties. PHO does not oversee all testing in Ontario. Our organization is part of a network of laboratories, coordinated by Ontario Health, that are performing COVID-19 testing.

COVID-19 Test Results

Get Test Results

Qualified health care providers can receive test results in the following ways:


Auto Faxing
When your test results are available, we will fax them to the validated autofax number related to your account. To sign up for autofaxing, please call our Customer Service Centre at 416-235-6556 or toll free.


You may obtain your results online using the Government of Ontario eHealth Portal.


If you have not registered for autofaxing or online with the eHealth Portal, we will mail test results directly to the address provided on the submission form.

STAT and Critical Sample Testing

PHO's laboratory is committed to prioritizing testing to assist health-care providers in making swift patient care decisions in an urgent or emergency circumstance (“STAT”). STAT testing should only be requested when it directly affects patient care in an emergency medical circumstance.

STAT testing is available for specific test requests:

  • malaria
  • rapid tests for influenza outbreaks
  • bioterrorism
  • HIV serology and Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) needlestick (source only)

Consultation with a PHO Microbiologist will be required in circumstances where a test is not usually processed as a STAT (e.g., HIV and HBsAg testing for women in labour). 

Approval for after-hours testing may require some or all of the following information:  patient symptoms, travel history, date of onset of symptoms, exposure history, outbreak status and vaccination status.

STAT samples must be shipped separately from routine specimens in a clearly marked package indicating ‘STAT’ and handled in accordance with the Canadian Biosafety Standards and shipped in accordance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. Failure to ship separately will delay testing.

Please notify us immediately when a STAT sample is sent by contacting our Customer Service Centre.

Well Water Testing Results

Well water testing is available for the public and public health inspectors. To see how to submit samples and get results, visit our Well Water page.

After-Hour Testing

Approval for after-hour testing may require some or all of the following information: patient symptoms, travel history, date of onset of symptoms, exposure history, outbreak status and vaccination status.


Qualified health care providers: laboratory test results are available to registered healthcare providers through the eHealth Ontario Portal.

For patients: PHO laboratory does not provide test results directly to patients. Contact your healthcare provider to obtain your laboratory test results.

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Updated 17 May 2020