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Students are the future of public health. At PHO, we are committed to building capacity and knowledge for the next generation of public health professionals. We are proud to provide an enriched and engaging learning environment that builds and strengthens knowledge and skills and to offer experiences that span a variety of public health areas.

Student Placements

At PHO, students gain practical experience in public health through hands-on practicums and research placements. We help students define and meet specific program objectives, as well as their own personal learning goals.

Students are able to explore opportunities for career development through:

  • collaboration with public health experts
  • informal networking with PHO staff
  • preparing presentations and reports
  • mentoring sessions
  • participating in events such as PHO Rounds and Journal Club


Accessing Student Placements and Careers at PHO

Student placement and career opportunities are posted through PHO’s Career Portal. To apply for a position, you will need to create a login using the link below to access our current postings. This is a different login than your MyPHO account. Need additional help accessing our current opportunities or applying for a job? Check out our Careers Frequently Asked Questions.

NOTE: Due to PHO’s involvement with the COVID-19 response, there may be fewer student opportunities available at this time.

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Student Placement Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of students placements are offered at PHO?

We offer a range of student placements throughout the year, from programs such as masters of public health, medical lab technology, health sciences, health informatics and medicine.

What are the application requirements for a placement at PHO?

Placement opportunities are only available to students who are currently enrolled in an academic program and are required to complete a practicum or training placement to fulfill program requirements.

When are placements at PHO posted? How do I apply for a placement at PHO?

Generally, summer placements are posted on the PHO Careers portal in early January. There are limited opportunities for placements at other times in the year. Check the PHO Careers Portal for current opportunities.

How many placements are available?

The number of student placements is based on supervisor capacity at PHO to ensure experiences are meaningful and impactful for the students.

Where else can I gain public health experience?

There are so many ways to gain experience and learn more about public health in Ontario. Please visit the Education and Events section of our website to explore our upcoming events, recorded presentations, as well as our free online learning modules. Organizations such as community health centres, college and university groups and clubs, and non-profit organizations are other examples of places to gain experience and knowledge.

I recently graduated, can I still apply for a placement?

Our placement opportunities are only available to students who are currently enrolled in an academic program and are required to complete a practicum or training placement to fulfill program requirements. Please review our current job postings through PHO Careers Portal.

Student Placement, Education and Preceptor Network (SPEP)

In addition to supporting student placements, we also support preceptors in public health units across the province. The SPEP Network supports health unit staff across Ontario who are involved in student placements and development.

The overall goal of the SPEP Network is to strengthen the public health workforce by supporting student placements, student education and preceptor learning and development.

For more information about SPEP, contact

Are you a preceptor? We have identified some resources that may be helpful to you:

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Students @ PHO

Updated 31 May 2021