Locally Driven Collaborative Projects (LDCP)

The Locally Driven Collaborative Projects (LDCP) program brings public health units together to develop and run research projects on issues of shared interest related to the Ontario Public Health Standards.

Working collaboratively on an LDCP helps connect students, academics, and organizations that are doing related work. Through LDCP, public health unit staff lead projects, strengthening their skills in research and project management, while ensuring that the results of these projects are directly relevant to the work of Ontario’s public health units.


Strengthening the public health system through collaboration towards applied research and evaluation on key public health issues


  • Fostering collaborative partnerships amongst health units and key stakeholders
  • Increasing the capacity of health units through implementation of applied research and evaluation projects that are scientifically-sound and feasible, generating relevant knowledge for the Ontario public health system
  • To strengthen and sustain knowledge transfer among health units and between health units and other stakeholders

LDCP Projects

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Updated 20 July 2022